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Employee Portal for HR Services

Nexus Iceland is the ultimate employee portal, offering a range of HR services such as work schedule management, payslip access, and time-off requests. With the official web address nexus.iceland.co.uk, employees can easily log in to the mobile app to view, swap shifts, access tax information, and track their holiday allowance. Our customer service is dedicated to providing assistance at 01613679237.

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HR Services for Employees

Access work schedule, payslips, and time-off requests

Work Schedule Management

Manage your work schedule on the go

Payslip Access

View your payslips anytime, anywhere

Time-off Requests

Request time off conveniently through the portal

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Nexus Iceland is located in Deeside, Wales, United Kingdom, with the address CH5 2NW. Contact our customer service at 01613679237.